Vision 2030 A Leader-Making Church


It is great to be back from all of my travels, after going with our youth on mission trip and then a short journey to Ohio for the Central Texas Conference. It is time to continue to share about our 2030 Vision. Another pillar of the vision is that we will be a leader-making church. I have been impressed with the number and quality of leaders at Rockbridge! God is doing something special with this community. We want to continue that trend and even enhance it! Every follower of Christ is given spiritual gifts, and I believe one of the five spiritual callings from Ephesians 4:11: Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd, and Teacher. Our goal as the leadership at Rockbridge is to enable each partner and regular attender to find their gifts and to empower our people to lead new ministries and, when the time is right, to even start new campuses and churches. God wants us to make an impact on our community and our world and by empowering every person at Rockbridge to serve in their gifts, their callings, and to find powerful leaders, we will truly collaborate with God to transform the world!