Vision 2030 A Disciple-Making Church June 05, 2018

Disciple-making is what we are called to do as followers of Jesus. In his earthly mission, Jesus took a unique group of men and women (the twelve disciples plus the other people who followed him) and allowed them to sit at his feet so that they could learn what it meant to be his followers. We are called to be disciples who make more disciples! Throughout my life, I have had person after person share their life with me so that I could learn what it means to follow Jesus. In college, it was a man named Gary who mentored me in my relationship with God. I would not be the man, the pastor, the leader I am today without his guidance in my life at that important stage. That is what we need to do for each other. The first part of our vision is that we will be a Disciple-Making Church. We derive that from Matthew 28:16-20 where Jesus gives the mission of the church to make disciples of all nations! Here is what that looks like

  • Rockbridge will be a disciple-making factory. Our definition of a disciple is from Matthew 4:19 – "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of people."
    • Follow me – Committed to know and LOVE Jesus.
    • And I will make – Committed to being transformed by Christ, to GROW.
    • Fishers of People – Committed to God’s mission to transform the world, to GO.
    • We want to make disciples who LOVE, GROW, and GO!
  • Rockbridge will have a well-developed disciple-making process. We are in the business of making followers of Jesus, not simply converts.
    • We need to allow for people to 'catch' what it means to follow through relationships with others. There will be an intentional mentoring program
    • We will have opportunities for people to learn what it means to follow Jesus through GROW classes
    • Rockbridge will GROW together by helping every person find a life group

For Rockbridge to be a movement that will catch fire by the Holy Spirit we need to commit to being disciples who make disciples!

What are you thoughts on how Rockbridge can be a disciple-making church?